Decipher Glass - Mini Bubble Rig


A beautiful mini bubble rig equipped with a 14mm female, 90 degree joint.

* * * * 

Dsyfr-(Decipher- Aka- Arti Giulioni- Est-98”)

“is a stage name i use which came from my roots in Dj, Graffiti, Hip Hop culture and Music”

In the mid 90s Arti completed a 4 year apprenticeship in classic Venetian glass technique while working for the creator of the 1990’s era Juno awards with - Shirley Elford in Hamilton, Ontario.

He continued from there to Espace Verre in Montreal where he assisted and worked with Students and Teachers for an additional 4 years developing his skills.

For over a decade he has practiced Venetian form within the realm of traditional vessels (Bowls, Goblets, Vase, Bottles, Plates.. etc)

Currently Arti’s functional glass work is focused on experimentation with sharp clean lines, symmetrical precision and bright colors.

Driven by the injustice and suffering he sees around him in the World:
Arti searches to manifest a visual display of his curiosity for knowledge and wisdom.
He works to push his creative and technical essence to the highest level he can.

“I aim to impress and offer you one of a kind items of high quality, Made with heart and soul”

Thank you so much for the interest and for supporting my dream.

Follow my evolution at Instagram-@Dsyfrglass

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