12 Ton Hydraulic Cylinder Heat Press Machine - Dual Inch Heated Platens (No Pump Included)


  • A Pair of 1/4" Couplers (Male & Female) Included to Connect with 1/4" Couplers' Hydraulic Pump Directly
  • Won't Connect with 3/8" Hydraulic Pump Unless You Buy Our "3/8 Coupler Reducer Kit" Separately
  • The 1/4" Female Coupler Has Been Installed in the Hydraulic Cylinder Already
  • Bamboo Insulation Layers Included
  • No Pump Included


      • Double squashes by cutting 2x4.5" rosin bags into half for flower if pairing it with cylinder prepress mold ( bottle tech styled prepress mold )
      • With 2x4" rectangular mold - Create a slim puck to pair it with 2x4.5" rosin bags ( 2x4.5" bag could be cut into 2x4" bag ) 
      • 160, 120 and 90 micron bags were suitable for flower extraction, and 37 micron is for hash.
      • Please don't load the full materials inside bags to protect the bags from blowing out.
      • 110-volt units for the USA, Canada, Mexico; 220-volt units for Europe customers, pick the correct voltage before shopping.

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